Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Update: Change of Plans...

Well... time to revive this blog. Here's an update on my carputer status:

After long research and thinking, I decided NOT to put the LCD where the clock is, although I already hacked up the clock console. Two main reasons:

1) The glare is too bad being in direct sunlight, so a cover had to be made. I made one, but it looks horrible, and I want everything looking stock.

2) As it was pointed out to me, having the LCD on up on the dash would be too far away for the touchscreen to be really effective. In the stock stereo position, it's right where you want it.

So after deciding to mount the LCD in the cd changer location, I just ordered most of my parts today. Here's what I have coming:
- VIA EPIA M10000- Samsung 512 PC2100 DDR
- Casetronic Black ITX-2699R Case
- Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM
- Samsung Slim CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive

Should have everything here within the next week to get started on the build. As for the PSU, I'm going to use the one supplied with the case for now, but will probably try out the M1-ATX PSU, because I like the features it has and it's cheaper than the OPUS. I'm also in need of a 4-channel amp, so I'm still looking for one of those.As for now, I need to mold in the Lilli into the audio dash piece, probably just going to use bondo because that's all I have. I'll have some pics up when I make some progress.

- Matt


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