Monday, August 09, 2004

Screen Mounting

The first thing I considered with this project was an lcd screen. I had basically 2 options of placement:

1. where the stock cd changer is (very good fit, people have done this before)
2. the part of the dash where the clock is.

Since I want everything to look as factory as possible, and as hidden as possible, I decided to try to fit it into the clock console. Luckily, when I popped that piece out, I found that there was more room to work with than I had originally thought. Here's two views, with the screen up and the screen down:

The screen won't stick out that far when it's folded down, and there'll be a top to make it flush with the rest of the dash.

The stand that the lcd screen came with is a great mounting piece to use in my new console, but it's a little too big. Here's my remedy:

The 2 ducts for the vents have just enough room for me to cut the foot part off the mounting plate and stick it right between them! It'll also be permanently attached to the new piece I'm putting in here... (if all this is confusing, hopefully it'll be cleared up in the next few days). The piece of plywood is just there as a place holder... it's not going to be a part of the new insert.

Finally, what the heck did I do with the clock? Well, since there is no other clock in the car, I wanted to keep it. So I extended the wiring and moved the clock to the ashtray (taking the ashtray all the way out). Here's a pic with the clock off:

Right now the clock is just sitting there, not attached to anything. I think I'll build a housing for it soon out of MDF.


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