Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fun with Bondo...

I got some fiberglass / epoxy down on the cut out clock insert to create a little cavity where my lcd screen will reside. I then put some bondo on it, and sanded it down some. Just rough sanding for now, I still need to apply more bondo to create the shape I want, but here's a picture to give you an idea of what it will look like:

I need to straighten out the side walls, smooth the bottom, and then blend all the edges together. I'm probably not going to be too picky about it since it's not going to be perfect, but I'd like it to be at the point where if someone glanced at it, they might think it's factory.

I also wired up my inverter today (just a generic 400W modified sine wave). These are basically cheap power supplies you can use for the car, and if something goes wrong, just go down to radio shack and pick up a new one. They're a little noisy, but the cooling fan overrides any static that the inverter itself might produce, and if that doesn't drown it out, the music certainly will. The only static I noticed was when I had my stereo up real loud. But it's not noticable when you're playing the music at a comfortable volume, so I'm pretty satisfied with my choice of power. Plus, it has 2 outlets, so I can use it for other things if need be (dremel, lights, etc.) which is always a plus. The only hard thing about hardwiring the inverter was finding a spot in the firewall to poke it through. I finally found one, and after about an hour of cursing at my car, I got the wires through and connected to the battery. I'll have pictures up tomorrow.


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