Friday, August 13, 2004

Console is slow... so wire instead.

When console building gets slow (and it does, since right now I'm pouring resin and letting it cure in a bunch of little spots), have fun with wiring!

I ripped apart my console today (for the first time). Felt kind of good, since now I know how to take it apart safetly. The purpose of this was to run all the wiring behind the stereo, heater controls, etc, so everything looks stock. I only made one modification... the two vents above the stereo have a small piece on the bottom left of the assembly, that really serves no purpose at all. People have put turbo timers and what not in there, but since I'm not at that stage yet, I figured I could use it differently. Since the Lilliput 7" screen has 3 male RCA adapters for a composite input, and devices such as a PS2 also have 3 male RCA adapters, I ran into sort of a problem. Fortunately you can buy a triple female to female adapter ($5 at radio shack) and all my troubles were solved. But then I thought, since you can use composite inputs for a variety of things (gaming consoles, camcorders, cameras... etc), I needed to mount the inputs for it in a place that was very accessible. So, in that little waste of plastic under the vents, I drilled 3 holes for the RCA adapter, and plan on using some epoxy to set it in there. Check out the pics:

This pictures just shows some of the cables that need to plug into my computer (LCD cables, audio, GPS). They just run under the center console, and out the side (no cutting involved).

You may thing there's nothing in this picture, but there is! Since I'm using a tape adapter as an audio input to my cd changer, I decided to hide to wire inside the stereo and out the back, as to keep a sleeper look.


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